College of Business Education

College of Business Education


College of Business Education offers integrated programs in business and industry that will prepare students to be globally competent in their respective fields of specialization and become responsive and pertinent to the needs of international community in general and the country in particular.


The College of Business Education strives to produce graduates that are trained and prepared to tackle responsibilities in Business and Industry, committed to their ethical responsibility and accountable to their civic duties.


Excellence in Teaching
Undergraduate business education that meet high academic standard and enable to develop the business skills needed to achieve their personal and career goals; quality innovative education that integrates research and public engagement with teaching.

Excellence in Research
Foster interdisciplinary collaboration and support faculty, students, and research fellows and trainees to achieve excellence in research, particularly in business innovation and new technologies.

Excellence in Public Engagement

Strongly connect the college research and educational strengths to cultivate rigorous, systematic evaluations of all outreach and extension programs and contribute to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of communities.

Excellence in Governance and Stewardship
Enhances policies, systems, structures and processes that promote and support the core mission of the college.