College of Business Education

College of Business Education

Founded in 1979

The College of Business Education offers programs in Business Administration with majors in Real Estate Management, Financial Management and Marketing Management Accountancy, and Management Accounting to prepare students for corporate professions.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BSBA program includes three major areas:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

After completion of the program and passing the CPA licensure examination, the graduates can pursue a career in accountancy and related professions. Specific jobs vary widely among the four major fields of accountancy: public practice, commerce and industry, government, and education. Graduates of the BSC Management Accounting Program may also take the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) licensure examinations and for employment in private establishment and public sector (government agencies)

BSBA Major in Real Estate Management

Upon successful completion of a real estate management program, graduates are given opportunities with a variety of employment prospects within the real estate sector and its associated domains. Graduates can become licensed real estate manager enabling them to effectively oversee the day-to-day operations and management of real estate properties on behalf of property. Also, a licensed real estate agents or brokers that assist clients in the purchase, sale, or rental of properties. Graduates can also be a real estate developer, real estate educator, instructor or consultant, real estate analyst, and an urban planner.Β 

BSBA Major in Financial Management

Wide variety of opportunities in finance, investment, and business are available to those who complete a program in financial management. Courses in financial management provide a solid foundation for understanding and navigating the world of finance by providing a comprehensive framework covering a wide range of topics, including financial analysis, risk management, investment strategies, and financial planning. Additionally, individuals who have completed their education at the graduate level have the potential to pursue many professional roles within the financial sector. These roles may include positions such as financial analyst, controller, consultant, educator, specialist, planner, or advisor. Typically, individuals in these roles are employed in sectors such as investment banking, asset management, or corporate finance.

BSBA Major in Marketing Management

Graduates of a marketing management program are offeredΒ a wide variety of work opportunities within the marketing business and its correlated domains. Graduates have the opportunity to work as a marketing manager, which includes a variety of specification such as content marketing or advertising manager, brand manager, product manager, and social media or e-commerce manager. These persons are tasked with developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote items or services. Individuals can also work as management trainee in marketing, marketing assistant, account executive, PR/ advertising assistant, customer service agent, junior sales trainee, receptionist, entrepreneur, and market research analysts and consultants, whose major role is to collect and analyze data to help organizations understand customer preferences, market patterns, and competitive conditions.Β