Undergraduate Programs

Admission Requirements

Freshman enrolling in college for the first time shall present, accomplish or submit the folllowing:

a. Senior High/High School Report Card (Form 137 and/or Form 138)
b. Two (2) copies passport size picture
c. One (1) Photocopy of Senior High School Diploma
d. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Birth certificate
e. One (1) Certificate of Good Moral Character
f. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Marriage Contract (if applicable)
g. One (1) Original Certificate of Residency (*for UNIFAST applicants only)

Transferees and Second Degree shall conform to the requirements and conditions set by the college or academic department where they want to enroll and shall present the following:

a. Transfer Credentials
b. One (1) Certification of Grades
c. One (1) Cert. of Good Moral Character
d. Two (2) Passport Size Pictures
e. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
f. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Marriage Contract (if applicable)
g. One (1) Original Certificate of Residency (*for transferees UNIFAST applicants only).

1. a. Fill out the shifter form from Academic Affairs Office.
b. After accomplishing the form, present it to the c. Registrar’s Office for filing in their folder.
d. Evaluation of Credits from previous program.
2. Continuing Enrollment. Students previously enrolled in the college and desiring to continue their studies shall meet all the requirements for continuance of enrollment in the college or academic department concerned.
3. Institute Graduate Program Studies
a. Transfer Credentials
b. Official Transcript of Records
c. Certificate of Previous Grades (if-transferee for evaluation purpsoses)

Enrollment Procedure

These schedules are strictly enforced


Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Biology, Criminology, Nursing, Optometry, Radtech, Maritime, Teacher Education Monday (1st Year and 2nd Year)
Wednesday (3rd Year and 4th Year)
Friday (5th Year)
Biology, Business Education, Dentistry, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Nutrition Dietetics, Physical Therapy, Tourism and Engineering Tuesday (1st Year, 4th Year and 6th Year)
Thursday (2nd Year, 3rd Year and 5th Year)


2 ways to Enroll Online!
A. Via Student Portal


B. Via Google Form