College of Criminal Justice Education

College of Criminal Justice Education

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Education (College of Criminology) is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses.

Professional courses begin in the first year and threads through the development of competencies up to fourth year level. The BSCIE program provides a future law enforcer that will refine skills and knowledge in the field of Law Enforcement and Public Safety.
The BSCIE program aims to produce a fully leaders criminologist in the service-oriented, public servant and in the community who is able to perform the competencies under each of the Key Area of Responsibility.


To be an institution of learning where graduates excel in law enforcement and public safety.


The Criminal Justice Educations strives to ensure its graduates to become effective and efficient law enforcers by providing them with a comprehensive education and training program that will equip them with globally competitive knowledge, skills, abilities, values and dispositions.


The Criminal Justice Education offers a Criminology Program designed to develop men and women into well-rounded professionals by providing them with thorough trainings and preparation to render law enforcement and public safety duties and responsibilities for nation building and serve as role model of SERVICE.


1. To transform students into God-centered, God-fearing individuals with the sense of responsibility and respect for dignity and human values.
2. To produce graduates who have acquired globally competitive knowledge, skills, abilities, values and dispositions, through enhanced curricula and training program and expositions to different modern and state-of-the-art crime fighting and investigating facilities and equipment.
3. To prepare students for the workplace through the required On-The-Job training program in the different law enforcement agencies and private institutions giving particular attention to actual practice and manipulation of tools and equipment and performing the pertinent duties and responsibilities.
4. To equip students with the skills in decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving and research application in relation to law enforcement and public safety.
5. To inculcate and to be aware of their role and active participation in environmental and community programs.
6. To encourage students to participate in wholesome sports and socio-civic activities geared towards the total development of their values, human rights perceptions and personalities.
7. To foster social awareness on political and economic issues by participation in seminars, conferences and involvement in school organizations and barangay SK elections.
8. To build up communication with the alumni on the status of their achievements and involvement on their chosen field.