College of Dentistry

College of Dentistry

To become a venue for dental experts and future leaders responding to the needs and challenges of modern dentistry here and beyond.


Dental Education aims to prepare students for their general practice of the profession who are biological, scientifically and technically-oriented to develop competencies in the prevention, treatment and maintenance of oral health that will be beneficial not only to our graduates but to the society as well.


To be licensed dental technologists and dentists demonstrating competencies in various fields of Dentistry and ready to assume leadership role in the national and global community by performing the following tasks:

1. Satisfy and alleviate oral health problems of the community.

2. Conduct basic and clinical researches.

3. Application of business principles, entrepreneurship and practices.

4. Ethical/legal and moral application of dental practice.

5. Committed in providing patient education toward professional development of graduates keeping them abreast with the practice of Dentistry.