College of Maritime

College of Maritime

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering is a higher education degree program that deals with the study of marine propulsion system, its operation and maintenance as well as controlling the operation of the ship and care for the persons on board at the operational level of marine engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation is a higher education degree program that deals with the navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling the safe operation and care for persons onboard the ship at the operational level.


The College of Maritime Education (CME) as a globally recognized provider of seafarers with internationally comparable knowledge, skills and competencies.


In line with the university mission and philosophy, the CME is committed to produce seafarers not only equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies but also imbued with high standards of social and moral values.

THE CME aims to produce seafarers adequately prepared to face the challenges of their chose profession and competitive in the local and international labor markets.

To achieve this goal, the College aims to:

1. Provide relevant learning experiences to prepare the students to become well-rounded, competitive, qualified and well-trained seafarers that meet local and international standards.

2. Ensure that students achieve the desired knowledge, skills and competencies in each year level, progress and reach their full potential.
3. Provide co-curricular activities for students to develop social consciousness and responsibility.
4. Continually update the curriculum of its degree programs to keep abreast with and be responsive to changes and developments in the maritime industry.
5. Continually enhance its capability to provide quality marine engineering and maritime transportation education and training.
6. Develop and maintain partnership with agencies who shares its mission and philosophy.