College of Medicine


To be the Regional Center for Excellence in Medical Education by 2020 whose graduates are capable primary health care physicians aware of moral and spiritual values in a changing world and conscious of the obligations of the physician regarding these values in the practice of medicine.



The Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation believes that it has the moral obligation to prepare its students for life by providing the intellectual training in a democratic atmosphere to become a physician with ethical values, compassionate attitude, and responsive to the needs of the country.


Goals and Objectives

Formation of a basic physician who is educated in the methodology principles of Medicine and who has the necessary background to practice primary health care with minimum dependence on sophisticated facilities but with maximum use of his senses and skills; and to motivate him/her to go to post-graduate training in a specialty or research.
1. Formation of a physician who is conscious and responsive to the health and medical needs of a Developing Country as compared to a Developed Country.
2. To graduate ready for his role as a health care provider, teacher, researcher, community leader and manager.
3. To encourage graduates to practice in the region.
In pursuit of these goals, the curriculum of the FQDMF College of Medicine has been designed to:
1. Provide opportunities for the student to develop scientific attitudes and habits by the use of scientific methods which consist of observation, evaluation, analysis of data, medical reasoning and formulation of hypothesis thereby coming to valid conclusions.
2. Establish a meaningful interaction between the students and the community by way of community-oriented institutional co-curricular activities in health care education and delivery;
3. The majority of faculty memebers are selected from the pool of qualified medical educators and the most respected practitioners in the region who can serve as role models and inspire students to practice in the region.