College of Radiologic Technology

College of Radiologic Technology

Radiological Technology students, like any other Health Professions Education, must be able to apply the cognitive, psychomotor and affective aspects of the profession in the performance of x-ray procedure. Students shall provide health care services by applying x-ray energy to assist in diagnosis of diseases. Perform radiographic procedures and related techniques to produce images for the interpretations by at the request of a licensed medical practitioner.

Students shall exercise professional judgment in the performance of services and maintain a demeanor complementary to medical ethics. Maintain values congruent with the professional code of ethics and scope of practice and adhere to national, institutional, and or departmental standards, policies and procedures in patient care, and performance of diagnosis x-ray imaging procedures.

With experience and additional training, staff technologists may become specialists, performing CT scanning, angiography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Experienced technologists also may be promoted to supervisor, chief radiological technologist, and ultimately, department administrator or director. Depending on the institution, courses or a masteral degree in business or health administration may be necessary for the directorial position. Some technologists progress by leaving the occupation to become instructors or directors in radiologic technology programs; others take jobs as sales representative or instructors with equipment manufacturers.


The Lyceum-Northwestern University, College of Radiologic Technology provides paradigmatic Radiologic Technology program that will focus on training tomorrow superb Radiologic Technologists by intensive training to an indispensable component of a high technology medical landscape as a dynamic.



The mission of College of Radiologic Technology is to render students with encouraging environment in which to gain a high quality education and personal growth as a professional Radiologic Technologist by laying the foundations in making students to be clinically competent, demonstrate critical thinking, balanced tasks which supports on students and be an agent of progress to society at large.



  1. To be the prime-over of Lyceum-Northwestern University vision of providing quality but affordable education especially in the field of Radiologic Technology.
    2. To instill in the students the importance of Radiologic Technology profession as a dynamic partner in the health care delivery.
    3. To provide intensive training and integrated approach covering scientific, technological and clinical expertise for the student to prepare them in their important role as healthcare giver.
    4. To formulate strategies that will offer best learning opportunities for the students such as faculty and strengthening of linkages with hospital that will provide fertile training grounds for to develop intellectually, clinically and professionally.