Online Enrollment (Updated)

To those who all made their payment, kindly wait for 3-5 working days for your payment to be verified and reflect in your portal.

For those who WILL pay, please send your bank deposit slip or online transfer screenshot to:

1. What if I already paid and emailed to Cashier, do I have to send another email?
No need. Just wait for 3-5 business days

2. I already paid but I haven’t received any email. What should I do?
Please allow us 3-5 working days for it to be posted in your account once payment has been made.

3. When are you going to send my student load?
We will send it as soon as all subjects are loaded in our system. With the number of online enrollment we received, we are working on accommodating and processing all enrollments.

4. Why is it taking a while?
Due to the ongoing GCQ, we are working on a limited workforce and we only encode data during weekdays. Rest assured that all online pre-enrollment will be accommodated.

For more information, please call or text Admissions Office at 0956 380 6356 (Globe) or 0931 061 4399 (Sun).