LNU International Students Day 2023

Year-End Management Review and Planning 2023

Internationally Recognized University

Leading Educational Institution in Medical and Allied Health in the Region

Committed to Environmental and Social Sustainability

Transforming Lives through Knowledge and Discovery

Diverse Student and Faculty Population from Over 24 Countries

Empowering the next generation of leaders

A community where curiosity thrives, ideas flourish and action realized

Achieving excellence in teaching and research

A journey of personal and professional growth

UMAP, SEAMEO, 9 International University Exchange Students and Faculty Programs


LNU will be a highly ranked internationally recognized private university, and a model of integrated flexible learning, research, innovation, and sustainable public engagement.

LNU is committed to providing a learning environment that fosters the development of globally competitive professionals who are compassionate, responsible and productive citizens.


Lyceum-Northwestern University endeavors to pursue the following objectives:


1. Excellence in Teaching
Undergraduate and graduate education that meet high academic standards and enable students to realize their full potentials; strong faculty leadership in teaching, research and public engagement; quality innovative education that integrates research and public engagement with teaching.

2. Excellence in Research
Active research community that stimulates new ideas and discoveries that lead to innovations and new technologies and strengthen University knowledge, skills and expertise.

3. Excellence in Public Engagement
Optimized institutional and individual contribution of knowledge, skills and expertise toward contributing to the economic, social, cultural, and environment development of communities.

4. Excellence in Governance and Stewardship
Enhanced policies, systems, structures, and processes that promote and support the core mission of the University.


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College of Radiologic Technology

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